Integrity.  Collaboration.  Innovation. Excellence.
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Urban Ecospaces, Inc. is a multifaceted minority and woman owned real estate development and general contracting construction firm based in New York City.   Under the leadership of passionate and strategic thinkers and planners, we have built a respected reputation in the construction industry not simply because of what we do, but how we do it.  We specialize in projects for government entities, educational institutions, retail establishments, non-profit organizations, and various businesses. Our major areas of focus are commercial construction projects, disaster recovery housing, and on-site modular construction services.
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    Value-Driven Actions
    Integrity is our core strength. We have an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing, the right way, all the time.
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    A Collaborative Approach
    We encourage cooperative efforts across all activities in our organization to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and help our clients excel.
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    Expertise Rooted in Innovation
    We are progressive, diverse, and creative innovators who thrive on developing customized solutions to address unique client challenges.
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    Ambitious Goals Bolstered By A Strong Work Ethic
    We excel at what we do because we are passionate about our business, our projects, and our clients. We are committed to delivering our best.
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