PS 106 Elementary School

Owner/Client:  NYC School Construction Authority
Location:  Brooklyn, NY
Project Type:  Educational Institutional
Description: General Contractor for school project requiring the conversion of two classrooms to a dance room and an exercise room. 
  • Remove And Abate Existing Flooring And Wall Base
  • Provide Sca Standard Flooring And Wall Base
  • Remove Portion Of Existing Window Shades.
  • Provide Window Mesh Guard
  • Remove All Existing Millwork/ Closets.
  • Provide Partitions & Doors
  • Provide New Radiator Covers.
  • Scrape Clean And Re-Paint All Walls, Ceilings, And Existing Piping To Remain
  • Provide Sprinkler Guards At Existing Heads
  • Provide Protective Padding As Indicated
  • Remove All Existing Furniture & Equipment.
  • Provide SCA Standard Furniture & Equipment.